Master Steven Moreno is proof that the Cho's Martial Arts program works. Starting his martial arts training with Cho's 21 years ago, at the age of 14, he was once very shy and unmotivated. Through the guidance of Cho's Martial Arts, Master Moreno developed confidence, loyalty, and an indomitable spirit. He has a passion to teach these same great qualities to his students. Whether it's a child with special needs or an adult that wants to live a healthy lifestyle, Master Moreno believes you can reach any goal with discipline and a great attitude.

Assistant Instructor: Brandon Wooden

• Started in training in 2005

• Assistant Instructor since 2009

• World Certified & Recognized 2nd Degree Black Belt

• USA Taekwondo Athlete & Level 12 x USAT

• Wisconsin State Championship Gold Medalist 2013 & 2014USAT

• National Championship competitor

• 2013 Student of the Year 2013

• Sparring Grand Champion 2014

Assistant Instructor: Ken Woodall

• began training with Cho's in 1988

• Assistant Instructor since 2012

• Cho Dan Black Belt

• Founder and coordinator of the Greater Milwaukee 

   Track Club since 1999

 Master Steven Moreno

• Started training in 1994 with 17 years teaching experience

• World recognized and certified 4 Degree black belt 

• USA Taekwondo State and National coach 2013, 2014 level 1

• 2003 Best of the Best Grand Champion Sparring

• 1995,1996 WI State Gold medalist (Forms and Sparring)

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