4th Generation

Jr. Assistant Robert has been training in martial arts since a young child. Now as a young adult he strives to help students build up confidence and leadership with a "can do" attitude. He takes pride into assisting children with their board breaking techniques.

Jr. Assistant Meghan has been training in martial arts since a young child starting in the Little Dragons program. Now as a young adult, she takes pride into assisting the Little Dragons and making a personal connection to each and every student.

Jr. Assistant Instructor Meghan Luedtke

* Started training in 2004. Assisting since

* 2011. World certified and recognized 2nd Degree Black Belt.

* 6x regional forms champion and 2x continuous forms grand


* 3x regional board break champion and 1st female board break

   grand champion.

* 3x regional sparring champion. Wisconsin State women’s

   sparring competitor and national qualifier.

Jr. Assistant Instructor Robert Boldt

* Started training in 2004.

* Assisting since 2012.

* World certified and recognized 2nd Degree Black Belt.

* 3x regional board break champion.

* 3x regional sparring champion.

* 2014 regional men’s sparring grand champion runner-up

* Wisconsin State men’s sparring competitor and national qualifier

Master Kaylyn Cho began training martial arts at a young age underneath her grandfather, Grandmaster Chom Son Cho, and her father, Grandmaster Won Cho’s instruction. Master Cho continues to be active in her training with more achievements to come, and strives to share her principles and knowledge of excellence. "My passion as being an instructor is driven from the positive impact that martial arts has on an individual’s life. I have become deeply involved and passionate about helping people with Special Needs. It has become very gratifying and inspiring to be a part of their lives and to watch their physical and mental progress through our programs."

Master Kaylyn Cho

* Started traditional martial arts training in 1994.

* Over 10 years of teaching experience.

* 1st woman to be world recognized 4th Degree Black Belt

   and certified Master Instructor in the state of Wisconsin.

* 10 years of competition experience.

* 8x regional forms champion and 4x continuous forms grand


* 5x regional board break champion

* Undefeated women’s sparring grand champion.

* Wisconsin State women’s sparring champion.

* National qualifier in women’s sparring in 2011 & 2014.

* 5 years of competitive coaching experience.

* USA Taekwondo State Coach.

West Bend

Grandmaster Won Cho

* 8th Degree Black Belt

* Former Korean & US National Champion

* Specializes in Children's Rehabilitation

* Created Many State and US Champions

* Over 47 years Martial Arts experience

Grand Master Cho began learning martial arts as a child in Korea. He’s created a truly unique brand of martial arts. Master Cho’s philosophy of teaching is special.

He believes Martial Arts is important for personal growth and development affecting all areas of life. Ultimately, he emphasizes respect for oneself and others, the power to strengthen ones mind as well as body and to obtain the discipline to set and achieve one’s goals.

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